Dr. Mark Johnson

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Dr. Mark Johnson and smiling orthodontic patient

Happy Smiles

Dr. Johnson and his team focus on making time in braces not only about aligning teeth, but also about getting to know their patients. With visits for braces generally spanning several months, it affords a great ability to get to know and participate in the lives of patients. We can’t wait to get to know you!

Dr. Mark Johnson, Orthodontist, sitting in a red chair at his Vancouver, Washington orthodontic office.

Meet the Doctor

Dr. Johnson has been in practice for 29 years. He has been blessed to know and treat many wonderful individuals. For him, braces are as much about aligning teeth as they are about making a positive life-long change. A smile is the light in the window of our faces. He loves helping those smiles shine.

Sunny waiting area at Mark Johnson's Orthodontic office in Vancouver, Washington.

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Our modern office is designed with your comfort in mind. We want your visit to be as convenient and comfortable as possible. With it’s sunlit waiting lounge, coffee bar, movie theatre, and arcade room, our beautiful facility will change the way you think about going to the orthodontist.

Thank You!

We want to thank all of our patients for voting Peace, Love, Braces as the best Orthodontist in Clark County! We always strive to bring our patients bright smiles and a fantastic orthodontic experience.

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